Photo by Hank Wenzler


The ministry of Greeter is a ministry of hospitality that welcomes all who come to pray with us—be it for the first time or once again.

The job of Greeter is very simple, but important. Our Greeters help to bring a warm and welcoming environment to our parish. After signing up, Greeters should arrive about 20 minutes before Mass is to begin, check-in in the sacristy, then position yourselves at one of the doors to welcome parishioners and guests.

More than simply another chore to perform, the Greeter perpetuates the essence of Jesus’ own ministry and mission. He welcomed the least and the littlest; extended love, patience, tolerance and acceptance to all.

Please contact your Ministry Leader or the parish front office to sign up for Saturday Vigil, Sunday Mass or a Holy Day of Obligation. View the Liturgical Calendar.