Evenings of Reflection

Sponsored by Regnum Christi       


Regnum Christi is a lay apostolic movement at the service of mankind and the Church. Regnum Christi fosters a deep ecclesial and missionary spirit in its members. As a dynamic organization, it strengthens their spirit of initiative and reminds them of their baptismal responsibility to make faith the engine of their daily life in their personal, family, parish, professional, and social circles.

Regnum Christi sponsors many workshops and retreats to bring people closer to Christ and the “New Evangelization,” so called by the Legionaries of Christ, who along with Regnum Christi, hope to extend Christ’s Kingdom. This is the ideal that inspires and nourishes their spiritual and apostolic efforts.

For more information on Regnum Christi or Mornings/Evenings of Reflection for Women, please contact Kim Linder, 419.350.4526.

Also sponsored by Regnum Christi, Open Spiritual Exercises: A silent weekend retreat for men or women based on the spiritual exercises of Saint Ignatius.