Marian Study

Marian Study | Heralds of the Gospel

This Hispanic study group began three years ago at SJV to further the education of the Spanish speaking community and to foster a greater sense of involvement in the parish. The group is led by the Heralds of the Gospel and their “Companions,” an apostolate dedicated to the precepts of the Heralds.

The Heralds strive to be instruments of holiness in the Church by encouraging close unity between faith and life, and working to evangelize, particularly through art and culture. Their apostolate, which differs depending upon the environments in which they work, gives pride of place to parish animation, evangelizing families, providing catechetical and cultural formation to young people, and disseminating religious literature. The educational efforts of the association focus on developing an interior life firmly rooted in the Eucharist, devotion to our Lady, and fidelity to the Successor of Peter.

If you would like more information on this group, please contact Anabel Acosta, 281.398.6119.