First Thursday Breakfast

Thursday, Feb 02nd 9:30 am - 11:30 am
@ St. John Vianney - St. Jude Hall

Come Enjoy a Delicious Breakfast Followed by The Main Course
Presentations to feed the mind and the soul!

We meet every first Thursday of the month at the St. Jude Hall. Breakfast immediately following the 9am Mass. First Thursday Breakfast is a parish event sponsored by Adult Formation and Parish Life Ministries.

Unlocking the Mysteries of the Bible

“Contemporary humans have need of the Word, not words…”.  Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI recalled several times that “the encounter with Scriptures is in danger of being not ‘a fact’ of the Church.”

Over the course of eight Main Course presentations,  Unlocking the Mysteries presents the “big picture” of salvation history, frees us from the narrow limits of our contingency and opens us to a communion beyond time and reminds us that we are people of the Word.


Israel divides into two separate kingdoms after Solomon’s death. Ten tribes to the north secede and become a new kingdom, Israel; two tribes to the south, Judah, remain loyal to David’s successor.  Both are eventually conquered and the Temple is destroyed. The Return occurs in three “waves”; the prophet, Nehemiah guides the people in rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem.

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