Work for Treat for All Hallows Eve!

Wednesday, Oct 14th to Friday, Nov 06th All Day

Introducing SJV’s Social Service Ministries’ Work for Treat!  Help your children learn about the Corporal Works of Mercy while doing kind deeds for others and getting a free bag of goodies in return!

  1. Sign up below to participate.  Then, with your children, watch the Works of Mercy video on the Social Service Ministries page.
  2. Download and print the Works of Mercy Booklet and instructions to get started.  Printed copies of the instructions and the booklets are also available at the Social Service Ministries office.
  3. Help your children perform one act representing each of the Works of Mercy and paste the image in the booklet, writing down what they did.
  4. Once your children have pasted each image, bring the completed booklet to the Social Service Ministries office during the week of October 26 – 30 (8:30 am to 5:00 pm) and redeem their bag of candy and goodies!

If you need ideas or additional examples for each Work of Mercy, contact the Social Service Ministries office at 281.497.4434 or email Vivian.

The important thing to do is to talk to your children about each Work of Mercy as they are pasting it in their booklets, and to show them the real-life examples of how they are practicing these Works of Mercy in daily living.

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