Marriage Preparation

Congratulations on your engagement! The union between a woman and a man in Holy Matrimony is a powerful and effective symbol of God’s love for us. Your wedding is a celebration of commitment to work and grow together and proclaim that what is being solemnized at your wedding will be lived out over a lifetime.

The marriage preparation program at St. John Vianney offers couples an opportunity to reflect and discuss some of the integral facets of marriage. Led by trained professionals you will consider how views on sexuality, finances, faith and communication impact the commitment to permanence, fidelity and the procreation and upbringing of children.

We look forward to working with you during this time of preparation for your marriage. A marriage offers a lifetime of joy, happiness and also surprises and challenges. We are here to assist you throughout your journey! If planning to be married here, there is much helpful information about weddings at St. John Vianney.