Meet Angela & Bryan Dumas

How long have you been a member of St John Vianney Catholic Church?
Bryan has been a member of the parish since 2007 and Angela since 2011.

What is your family’s background? Where are you from originally?
[Angela] I grew up in a “small” town in Montana. I am one of five children. My mom faithfully took us to Mass every Sunday and Holy Day.
[Bryan] I also grew up Catholic, spending my youth in both Texas and Louisiana. I have one older sister and two younger brothers.

How has your involvement at the Parish impacted/changed your life?
We met through friends at St. John Vianney. Celebrating the Sacrament of Marriage at the parish where we met has easily been one of the most important events in our lives!

How do you make a difference? What programs or activities are/were you involved in?
We hesitate to think that we “make a difference,” but we have seen that the groups we are involved with do make positive changes in our community. When we each joined the parish, we began attending events coordinated by the young adults group. Over time, it just became natural to get more involved with this group and other activities. We now help coordinate events for young adult dating, engaged, and married couples. We enjoy serving as Greeters before Mass and attending Bible studies and other events organized by the church. Bryan is a part of “That Man is You,” Knights of Columbus, and volunteers for the youth ministry program. Angela also led a small group for the parish-wide “Catholicism project” in 2013.

What is special about SJV? Do you have a special memory/anecdote you would like to share?
We are both from smaller parishes where we knew many of our neighbors and fellow parishioners, but there were limited resources and members to have a lot of extra activities and special interest groups. At Saint John Vianney, we’ve found that even though it is so large, there is still a very real sense of community. It’s the best of both worlds: we have relationships with many of our fellow parishioners (there are always more to meet!) and there are numerous groups and fellowship activities in which to be involved. One other special thing about Saint John Vianney that drew Angela to the parish was that there is a special 24 hour Adoration Chapel.

What do you tell your friends & family about SJV?
We tell people about how reverent the celebration of the Mass is, how our priests challenge and inspire us, and how the parish community is very active.

What would you say to someone new who wants to get more involved in the church?
“Great! Do it! Come to the parish dinners and breakfasts, maybe we’ll even see you there! Come to a New Parishioner Night! Check out the website and pick up a bulletin after Mass and find something that interests you!”