Meet Eric Bach

How long have you been a member of St John Vianney Catholic Church?
My family started attending in roughly 2004, before that we were at St. Cecilia’s.

What is your family’s background? Where are you from originally?
Essentially, I was born and raised in Houston.

How do you live your Catholic Faith?
After joining That Man is You program and attending an ACTS Retreat in 2008, I’ve become much more actively involved in prayer and the community.

How has your involvement at the Parish impacted/changed your life?
There has been an increased sense of community and prayer in my life. I’ve gotten to know many more people — can’t have too many friends and can’t pray too much.

How do you make a difference? What programs or activities are/were you involved in?
I have been involved with CCE, ACTS, Parish Council, and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. I have also made shorter volunteer commitments as well.

What is special about SJV? Do you have a special memory/anecdote you would like to share?
1. The community activities really stand out for me, like the Bazaar and Lenten Dinners.
2. The priests’ (Fr. Morfin, Fr. Troy, …) homilies educate us so well on the Catholic faith. This has made me proud to be Catholic.
3. Of course, there is the celebration of Mass – the music, the incense, and the mix of some Latin.

What do you tell your friends & family about SJV?
I tell people that there is a great sense of community – it’s a great church

What would you say to someone new who wants to get more involved in the church?
SJV is a great church where you can feel comfortable. There is a strong community which is a lot of fun. I’ve been to many churches in the area and really feel at home here.