Meet John Marshall

How long have you been a member of St John Vianney Catholic Church?
I have been a member of the parish since I moved into the area in late 2009.

What is your family’s background? Where are you from originally?
I am the oldest of four surviving children of a Catholic mother and father, and all of us attended Catholic schools through high school. We grew up in St. Joseph Parish in Shreveport, LA.

How do you live your Catholic Faith?
I live my Catholic faith by attending daily Mass often, saying the rosary, witnessing with other pro-life activists, making visits to the Adoration chapel, and participating in various adult education programs in the parish.

How has your involvement at the Parish impacted/changed your life?
My involvement in the parish has given me opportunities to grow in my faith by associating with many fellow Catholics who inspire me by their zeal and dedication and spirit of Catholic fellowship.

How do you make a difference? What programs or activities are/were you involved in?
I am a member of the choir, have been on a mission trip, take advantage of religious education classes offered at the parish, and take advantage of the opportunity to spend time in adoration in the chapel.

What is special about SJV? Do you have a special memory/anecdote you would like to share?
SJV is special because of the great music ministry, the edifying and authentic liturgies, inspiring preaching every week by Father Troy, and the many people who are committed to making a difference by the sincere practice of their Faith. I will always remember my first trip to Rome, when I traveled with the choir and others from the parish in November, 2012.

What do you tell your friends & family about SJV?
I tell my friends and family that we have beautiful Masses, a diverse congregation, great preaching, and outstanding music at SJV.

What would you say to someone new who wants to get more involved in the church?
I would tell someone to not be hesitant about getting more involved, because you will be welcomed and won’t regret the rewards of commitment.