Meet Tomas Garcia

How long have you been a member of St John Vianney Catholic Church?
Since 2009.

What is your family’s background? Where are you from originally?
Originally from Alice, Texas. Our family has lived in Houston since 1979. We have been members of St. Michael’s and St. Cyril’s.

How do you live your Catholic Faith?

How has your involvement at the Parish impacted/changed your life?
By participating in the choir, I have expanded my understanding in dealing with medical issues that have no resolution here on earth.

How do you make a difference? What programs or activities are/were you involved in?
By example in giving time, talent and treasure. I participate in the choir and have previously participated in RCIA and other adult education programs and hopefully made a difference.

What is special about SJV? Do you have a special memory/anecdote you would like to share?
The manner in which St. John Vianney celebrates Easter with so many elements of our Christian faith. The experience of that week resonates throughout the year and makes SJV very special.

What do you tell your friends & family about SJV?
You are invited to a special Christian community that has many resources that offer help and/or celebration during times of difficult and/or happy life experiences and moments.

What would you say to someone new who wants to get more involved in the church?
Show up. We’re waiting for you. You will have fun and personal Christian enjoyment.