A “Catch All” Letter

Dear Friends in Christ,

This is one of those “catch all” letters! We continue to see positive signs of progress in all areas of our parish, but we have a long way to go. Mass Attendance. The most concerning issue for our parish remains the number of people who have yet to return to Sunday Mass.  The work of evangelization, sharing the good news of Jesus, is central to our vocation as disciples of Jesus. Pray and invite others to join you at Mass. Youth Ministry and Youth Formation. We are greatly blessed to see our Youth Formation and Youth Ministry nearly double in size from last year!  Thanks be to God. It is not too late for children to come and receive the gift of our Catholic faith. As a gentle reminder to parents, Youth Formation (CCE) does not take the place of Holy Mass.  It is not either/or, it is both/and.  Families should come to Mass and pray together and the kids should then go to Religious Ed.  Every school-age child should receive the gift of a Catholic formation in one of our Catholic schools or in our parish Youth Formation program.  Pastoral Care of the Sick. The parish wants to care for the sick and homebound of our parish. When illness or the burden of years prohibits Mass attendance, please let us know and the parish Ministry to the Sick will bring Communion to your home.  We have dedicated lay ministers and deacons who go every week to visit and pray with those who cannot be at Mass. When someone needs the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick, please call the parish and a priest will come to anoint the sick. If the ill person is in the hospital, one of the priest chaplains will be called or if the person is at home or in a care center, I will go. However, the only way we know is if someone contacts us. Also, it is important not to wait until the very last moments before death as the priest may not make it in time. 

Eucharistic Adoration. We are blessed and privileged to have Eucharistic Adoration in our parish.  The Adoration chapel is open 24/7. All are welcome to come and make a visit to the Blessed Sacrament. Come and pray for your needs, those of your family or just come to give praise to our Lord. There are some open hours in the schedule if you would like to be a regular adorer. Contact the parish office for details.  DSF. The annual Diocesan Services Fund assists hundreds of thousands of individuals in our archdiocese every year by supporting ministries and programs that no one parish can undertake on its own. If you have not already done so, please make a financial gift to DSF. For more information, contact our business office.  Be the Difference.  Every parishioner and every family is encouraged and invited to become active and involved in at least one other thing besides Sunday Mass.  When we expand our participation in living our faith and participating in the life of the parish community, great things happen.  On the human level, we get to know more people and enjoy their friendship.  We strengthen the bonds of our community when we share our common faith and life.  We also grow in experience and knowledge and others benefit from our presence and contribution. On a spiritual level, we can grow in God’s graces and blessings.  We can increase our love, our capacity to love and the love that we receive. 

Smile and B+. Covid, inflation, politics, global tensions, immigration crisis, Houston traffic, job stresses, etc., it wears on everyone. Remember to take care of yourself.  Periodically turn off the TV, the phone, and the devices, get some rest, pray, go for a walk, have a few moments of quiet every day, call a friend, laugh, count your blessings, smile and be positive (B+). God loves us and is with us always!

In pace Christi,
Fr. Troy