A Guide to Mass Etiquette …

Dear Friends in Christ:

Etiquette and manners are an outward expression of respect.  When we show good manners and

observe proper etiquette, we are being considerate of others.  It is an act of love.

A few gentle reminders:  Please…

Arrive early and offer a prayer of intention for the Mass. 

Stay until the Mass is completed (the end of the recessional song) and then stay for a moment and offer a prayer of thanksgiving.  Please don’t be disrespectful and leave early. 

Turn your cell phone off before you enter church. Never talk or text on your cell phone during Mass! 

Never use your phone to record something during the Mass.  It is not the proper place or time.   

Be courteous in the pew.  Don’t make people climb over you.  Be considerate and scoot down the pew.


After the beginning of Mass, we should enter using the side aisles and not the center aisles.

Smile, be friendly and say hello.  We are family, get to know your brothers and sisters by name!

Remember to genuflect to the tabernacle when entering and exiting the pew and when passing in front of the taberacle.

Always dress respectfully and appropriately when coming to church. Attire reflects our attitude.

When receiving Holy Communion, remember to make a sign of reverence (a bow of the head or the sign of the cross).  Receive the Sacred Host on the tongue or in the hand reverently.  Never grab at the host or carry the host away with you. 

Remember that babies cry.  When they do, take them to the Cry Room (we also have a nursery with wonderful care givers). If it is not your child, pray for the parents and be glad they are here! Never scowl at them!

The Cry Room is for small toddlers and infants when they are crying.  It is not a play room.  Older

children should be taught how to properly behave in church.

Sing out loud, respond to the prayers, and pay attention to the readings and the homily.

Keep conversations in the church in a subdued voice so that others are not disturbed while praying. 

If you wish to visit – that is a good thing to do in the narthex or courtyard.

Be courteous in the parking lot! Don’t lose the graces of the Mass before you even leave the campus.

Let your gratitude to God for His blessings to you show in the collection.

Never leave litter or trash in the pews or on the floor.  If you see some litter, please be the one to pick it up and put in the trash can.  Gum, candy, food or drinks (including water bottles) should not be brought into the church.

Never miss Mass on Sundays or Holy Days.

Be a good friend and do someone a favor, bring them to Mass!

In Pace Christi,

Fr. Troy