Second Family Care Team

We are excited to announce our partnership with CarePartners® to start a Second Family Care Team of volunteers visiting senior members of our parish.

Second Family is a team of volunteers who will reach out to our parish families requesting support. These families may have a special need or have someone who may be home alone or who simply needs respite or a short break from caregiving a loved one. You might prayerfully consider joining the Care Team to reach out to an elderly member of our parish who would benefit from your “bite-sized” commitment of time.

Do you know someone who is less active in church now because of illness or the caregiving needs of a family member? The SJV Second Family Care Team is here to help lift some of the challenges of seniors and others due to illness. Many of us understand the challenges of caring for a loved one or the struggles of seniors to retain independence as they become less able to do things for themselves. Second Family is a sustaining presence to those who need us.

If you know of someone in need of this ministry or would like to volunteer, please contact the Social Service Ministries office at 281.497.4434.

“We must reawaken our collective sense of gratitude, appreciation and hospitality, helping the elderly know they are a living part of their communities.” – Pope Francis