Closings Due to Weather

Monday, Feb 15th to Friday, Feb 19th All Day

Weather Updates:


Wednesday, February 17:
Ash Wednesday Liturgies canceled.
Parish offices closed.

Friday, February 19:
Parish offices closed.
All scheduled activities including Masses and Lenten Meals canceled.
Water Distribution site at SJV south parking lot beginning at 2:00 pm (aprox.)

Eucharistic Adoration is suspended and the Adoration Chapel is closed until Monday morning following the 9:00 am Mass.

Saturday, February 20:
Morning Confessions are canceled including First Reconciliations.
Water Distribution site at SJV south parking lot beginning at 10:00 am.

The church is expected to open at 12:00 noon on Saturday, February 20.

Please check back for updates in the event anything should change.

The following activities are expected to proceed as scheduled.

Saturday, February 20:

Sunday, February 21:

Monday, February 22:

Residents in our area should expect freezing conditions to continue for the remainder of the week. Continue to monitor the National Weather Service, local media and ReadyHarris for forecasts and preparedness information. Reach out to your friends and neighbors and continue to pray for each other.

Helpful tips to prevent hard freeze damage:

  1. Insulate exterior water pipes.  This can be done with foam pipe wrap made for this purpose long-term or using a towel and duct tape temporarily.  A Koozie and a rubber band can be used over a hose bib.  Be creative!
  2. Turn off your sprinkler system and make sure the backflow preventer is drained. These freeze very easily and are expensive to repair.  Here are a couple of links to show you how to drain your backflow preventer.
  3. In older structures, keep faucets interior lightly dripping through the freeze period and open cabinet doors under sinks to provide warm air circulation.
  4. If you have a chiller on your HVAC system, be sure the freeze-protection mode is enabled.  This mode runs the pump so that the water does not freeze in the coils while the temperature is below freezing.
  5. Of course, cover those tropical plants, or bring them inside if you can.

(Received from the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston Office of Construction and Preventive Maintenance for hard freeze preparations).

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