Ritual of Choir Investiture

On Wednesday, December 20, 2017, choristers of the St. Gregory Schola Cantorum and the Cantate Choir participated in a Ritual of Choir Investiture in the Ars Chapel at St. John Vianney. The liturgy was based upon similar rituals used for the St. Paul’s Choir School, Harvard Square, the only Catholic boys choir school in the United States, as well as the Cathedral of the Madeleine Choir School in Salt Lake City, the first co-ed choir school in the world. After celebrating a liturgy of the word, the ritual of investiture began with the choristers being presented to Fr. Clark Sample, Parochial Vicar of St. John Vianney, who graciously stepped in for our pastor, Fr. Troy Gately, who had fallen ill. The choristers, vested in their red cassocks and standing before the celebrant, promised to serve Christ by attending all rehearsals and services required by their directors, and to obey the rules of the choir. After receiving their promises, Fr. Clark blessed their surplices with holy water. Their directors placed the white surplices over each chorister, as the celebrant prayed “Receive this surplice. Wear it with love and reverence before the altar of God that you may be found worthy to be numbered among the choirs of angels and saints.” The choristers, now fully invested as members of their choir, were then blessed with holy water by Fr. Clark. A time of fellowship and refreshment followed in the Music Lecture Hall.
The music staff at St. John Vianney is proud of the following choristers who participated in the beautiful liturgy: Isabella Alvarez-Chacón, Emma Clark, Kylie Clark, Isabella Coronado, Madelaine Coronado, Maria Guevara-Campos, Cecilia Jeffers, Kenneth Lee, Whitney Robertson, and Jimmy Tokam.
The Cantate Choir is directed by Ms. Keira Knecht. The St. Gregory Schola Cantorum is directed by Kirk M. Rich, Associate Director of Music & Organist. For more information on our Youth Choirs and how your children can become involved in this beautiful ministry, please visit our webpage.