By Diane Davis, Coordinator for St. John Vianney’s Respect Life Ministry

As part of our focus on Life and the Dignity of the Human Person, we deemed it appropriate to include a brief message from our Respect Life Ministry Leader, Diane Davis:

Our mission in the Respect Life Ministry is to eradicate abortion – the greatest sin of our generation and a modern-day holocaust – and to respect all forms of life, only given to us by God, from conception to natural death. The protection of the sanctity of life and the most vulnerable, the Holy Innocents, is of utmost importance to me and my family.  I try to emphasize the importance and power of prayer.

While advocating for the sanctity of life through the Respect Life Ministry, we have been fortunate to see God’s hand in saving lives at the Planned Parenthood center. A true testament to the power of prayer is the mere fact that most women – nine out of ten, in fact – who come into the Blue Bus and view their babies on an ultrasound choose life instead of the horror they would face through abortion.  I remember a young mother who came out of Planned Parenthood contemplating an abortion, and we were blessed to direct her for help in keeping her baby.  Simply being there praying our rosaries, we were witnesses to God’s grace in her intervention.  We have continued to assist her through our Gabriel Project, and she is now the mother of a beautiful baby girl.  Also through the grace of God, this young mother has also become quite the advocate for the sanctity of human life, especially for those diagnosed with Down syndrome; just like her daughter.  Had she not approached one of our volunteers while coming out of Planned Parenthood on that fateful day, the outcome might have been much different!

Only God can intervene, and that is why it is crucial at this time for us to bombard heaven with our prayers and fasting, and by communicating with people (beginning with our families, friends and acquaintances) what Planned Parenthood stands for and what their business is really all about.  We are called by God as Christians to raise awareness of God’s presence and triumph over evil, and we must continue to do His work to end this horror in our society.
Jim and I are also entering a new phase in our lives, taking care of a parent in-between our children and grandchildren. Providing assistance and support to my mother, whom we moved here this past summer, has really changed our lifestyle.  Whereas Mom is still very independent, she does rely on me to help her navigate doctors’ appointments, shopping, making various decisions with her healthcare, insurance, home issues, etc., etc.  It’s a form of service that I expected would impact my life, but now that I’m experiencing it first-hand, I realize that I am living my faith by following Fr. Troy’s preaching on ‘Family First!’
God calls us in many ways to serve, and I feel blessed that I am able to give of myself wherever I am needed.  Many of us are called to serve in other capacities – it’s all good, especially when we’ve recognized our calling and work together for the common good and the respect for human life from conception until natural death.

Diane and her husband, Jim have been parishioners at St. John Vianney since June 2001. Through the years she has been involved in multiple groups and ministries. In addition to leading St. John Vianney’s Respect Life Ministry, Diane is also an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, a Sacristan, a Joseph’s Coat volunteer, and an all-around go-to volunteer at Social Services; ready to step up and help whenever it is needed. She also makes a weekly Holy Hour of Adoration at our Chapel, and she has attended numerous bible studies through the parish.