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Past Publications:
  • Developing News Vol. 1This publication is designed to enlighten, inspire and entertain our developing minds!  As adult Christians we are well aware that we are never “quite done.”  Our formation continues throughout our lifetime paralleling our continuing conversion. Conversion is not a seasonal occurrence rather, it is the hallmark of lives lived in the awareness of God in our midst.  In and out of season  there is always something we can do to better reflect our identity as Catholic Christians.
  • Matter and Form Vol. 1, Vol. 2: All things liturgical with the intent to not only inform but to transform the liturgical minister. is also that which is necessary for the validity of the celebration of a sacrament.  In short, the “matter” refers to the substance, e.g., water, oil, bread, wine; the “form” is the formula or words that transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.
  • The Beat Goes On: A publication designed especially for the new Catholic – a pilgrim who felt a tug and paused to discern that “still small voice”  which led you to the ritual process of initiation.