Youth Formation

We are part of a tradition that has endured for millennia.  We know that we are one body in Christ our Lord.  We are charged with building community and enabling people to proclaim the truth of God’s love and to open their hearts to the Holy Spirit.  We provide the foundation for those who seek Christ, wherever they are on their faith journey.  We teach, we inspire, and we make future disciples.

Faith Formation/CCE Dates
2021-2022 Faith Formation/CCE Calendar
2021-2022 PK (4+) Large Group Schedule

Faith Formation/CCE Registration
2021-2022 Faith Formation/CCE Registration is open. Forms are available in the Youth Formation Office.

Faith Formation/CCE Fee
The fee for the entire Faith Formation/CCE year can be paid by visiting the Youth Formation Office or by completing an online payment.

Pre-Kindergarten (4+):
Each PK Child is $25.00. Child must be 4 years old by September 1, 2021.

Kindergarten through High School:
1 K-HS is $75.00 | 2 K-HS is $100.00 | 3 or More K-HS is $125.00

Pay Fee

Sacrament Preparation
The community of St John Vianney is pleased and blessed to partner with the families and guide them through the Sacrament Preparation process of Rite of Christian Initiation for Children (RCIC)/Baptism, First Reconciliation and First Eucharist, and Confirmation.

Sacrament Preparation Registration
Sacrament Preparation for 2021-2022 is already underway. Sacrament Preparation Registration for 2022-2023 will be available in May 2022. Registration in sacrament preparation is separate from registration in faith formation/CCE.

Early Childhood CCE (Grades PK4 & K)
Whether driving in the car or simply talking over dinner, nobody has more opportunity to intentionally invest in the spiritual development of your kids than you do. That’s why St John Vianney Catholic Church wants to team up with you to help your kids grow in our faith and love for God!

Our Pre-K (4+) and Kindergarten programs provide Christ-centered and age appropriate lessons featuring activities, Bible stories, music, crafts, prayer, games and a child/parent activity worksheets that meet busy parents where they are, reinforcing positive Catholic family rituals such as praying together, eating meals together and talking to each other. For more information regarding Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten CCE, email Anabel Acosta, Coordinator of Early Childhood.

Pre-Kindergarten CCE: Beginning at the age of four, children are invited to participate in religion classes with a parent. Parental involvement is vital at this age, so that the lesson learned in class can be reinforced at home. Students must be accompanied by a parent or adult at each class. Each class offers a faith message, craft and prayer opportunities.

Kindergarten CCE is an excellent introduction to our Catholic Faith. Children participate in religion classes that are geared toward instilling a sense that God loves them and that they are members of the Church. Bible stories, stories of saints, basic prayers, songs and crafts are the main focus. Parental involvement within the class is strongly encouraged, with parents invited to attend one of more classes during the year.

Elementary CCE (Grades 1 to 5)
The focus of our Elementary CCE is to help the children build a relationship with God based on catechism, prayer, worship and love. This is accomplished in a safe and welcoming environment. This is a fun and exciting time for the children and their families as their relationship with God grows.

The textbook series being used for grades 1 to 5 is “Alive In Christ,” which is published by Our Sunday Visitor. This series has what is known as a “spiral” curriculum. That means, on each grade level the order and focus of the units and chapters is the same. However, each grade will learn the material on their specific level.

CCE Music
As part of Early Childhood (PK4 & K) and Elementary (1 to 5) CCE, students have the opportunity to learn about their Catholic faith by celebrating their love of the Lord and love for each other through music. The songs we sing reflect the Gospel passage for the week or the liturgical season and connect to the class unit of study. Students in grades PK through 5 will have music during their CCE class time on a rotating basis. For more information regarding music, email Paula Cole, Coordinator of CCE Music.

Pre-Kindergarten to First Grade: Words to Songs
Sample Song: “Jesus Loves Me/ Mary Loves Me

Second Grade to Fifth Grade: Words to Songs
Sample Songs: “Step by Step” and “12 Disciples

Middle School CCE (Grades 6 to 8)
In Middle School CCE, “The Catholic Connections Handbook” from St. Mary’s Press focuses on fostering the faith of young adolescents by helping them to make connections between our Catholic faith and everyday life. Catholic Connections aims to strengthen the participants’ Catholic identity and inspire them to participate more fully in the Church Community and in the Church’s mission. Our Junior High CCE program places special emphasis on prayer, faith knowledge, and communal life in Christ.
High School CCE (Grades 9 to 12)
For High School CCE, we use “The Catholic Faith Handbook” from St. Mary’s Press. We focus on helping the teens learn about the details of their Catholic faith, but also, finding practical everyday instances where it comes up and relates to their current culture. The overall goal is to strengthen their Catholic Identity as well as inspire them to be active members in the Church, the Body of Christ. To do this, we place a lot of emphasis on prayer, knowledge of the faith, as well as being an active part of the community.

Volunteer with Youth Formation

Opportunities include but are not limited to teaching CCE, chaperoning, helping at VBS, sacrament preparation, retreats, etc. If you are interested in volunteering, call 281.497.6665.

As a Catholic parish, we must ensure that all children and teens are offered a setting that is at all times as safe and secure as possible. St John Vianney volunteers and staff members serving children and teens are required to take the CMG Connect online safe environment training. For more information, visit Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, Office of Child and Youth Protection.


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