College Connect

Are you a college student?
Have a kid in college?
Or maybe you just know a college student? 

College Connect is about connecting our students away at college with their parish family back home in Houston. College can be an isolating and overwhelming experience, we want our college students to know that they have our prayers and support.

The program features the following:
  • College Boxes for Midterms in Fall and/or Spring
  • Campus Catholic Centers Outreach
  • Invitations to Special Summer Events and Programs
How do I sign up my student?

You can sign up yourself or a student you know using the form below at anytime during the year.

Common Questions

How do you donate to college boxes?

We send out college boxes in October and March every year. We appreciate any support in this important project. Each box cost approximately $20 to make and send. You can donate at anytime by dropping a check by the Youth Formation Office at St. John Vianney or mailing a check to St. John Vianney Catholic Church , Attention: Tashina Cooper, 625 Nottingham Oaks Trail, Houston, TX 77079. 

What goes into the college boxes?

Each box has a theme. We have done Mary, Advent, Novena, and Lenten themes so far. We always include a few prayer cards, a prayer such as the rosary or stations of the cross, and some other Catholic items. We endeavor not to be over whelming with these items, preferring to be sprinkle on the Catholic spirituality in each box.  We load up each box with lots of food. Food items include instant mac and cheese, instant oatmeal, popcorn, granola bars, fruit snacks, and candy for packing material. The college boxes also contain a few small fun items such as brain puzzles or chomping teeth. No box is complete without letters from the parish and home! 

What are some of the summer programs planned?

During the summer we offer several opportunities for college students returning home. We organize bible studies, beach trips, and an end of summer river trip. A full schedule is usually available mid April. 

College Connect Sign Up Form

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