Funeral & Bereavement Support

Samaritans Ministry

The Catholic Church sees the death of a Christian as the end of the earthly pilgrimage and the beginning of a new and eternal life with God. The rites of the Church reflect this belief. At St. John Vianney Catholic Church we strive to assist the dead with prayers of the Church for their eternal salvation in Jesus Christ. The community of St. John Vianney is also very much interested in offering support and aid to the family and friends of the deceased in their time of loss and sorrow with a message of hope and consolation in Jesus Christ.

Many volunteers are needed to help coordinate with family members of the deceased to ensure that the final wishes of the deceased are met. These volunteers also witness to the commitment of our parish to support its parishioners in their time of need.

If you would like to volunteer to assist family and friends of deceased parishioners please contact the Parish Office, 281.497.1500.

For information about our Bereavement Support Group, visit Walking Though Grief.