Adult Formation

Spring 2024  Programs:

We offer various classes, lectures, and conferences, designed to enlighten, inspire, and entertain! We seek to raise awareness that “Formation” is an on-going process which permeates all aspects of active discipleship.

It All Began With A Word…And God Continues to Speak To Us Through It! 

Explore to better respond to His word by joining one of the SJV Bible Studies.

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You may also register in the Adult Formation Office to be included on the class roster and receive additional relevant information.

Questions? Contact Yvonne Gill, Director of Adult Formation, 281.584.2022.

We look forward to having you join us and appreciate your support!

The Ministry of Adult Formation:

“The church has always considered catechesis one of her primary tasks for before Christ ascended to His Father after His resurrection He gave the apostles a final command — to form disciples of all nations and to teach them to observe all that He had commanded.”

“In catechesis it is Christ, the Incarnate Word and Son of God, who is taught — everything else is taught with reference to Him…” Catachesi Tradendae #1

The Office of Adult Formation is dedicated to carrying out Christ’s mandate. In collaboration with other ministries in the parish and the archdiocese, St. John Vianney Office of Adult Formation has created a variety of programs and events for the community. You and your guests are invited to come and be enlightened, inspired and entertained.  It is our sincere hope that our activities and programs will aid in your spiritual growth and result in enrichment for all who participate.

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults - RCIA:

Thinking about it….?
Know someone who is…?

Learn more about the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) by attending the next RCIA informational meeting. 

Liturgical Ministries:

A liturgical minister is that faithful woman and man who steps out from the security of the pew to become actively engaged in the building up of the Body of Christ. They say to Jesus, ―call me out of the boat!

Lector, Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion (EMHC), server, sacristan, usher, greeter, choir member, wedding assistant — each one models active and humble discipleship as they place themselves in the service of the Church’s great corporate prayer — the Eucharistic liturgy. The lector’s, “the Word of the Lord”; the EMHC’s, “the Body of Christ”; the server’s, “Amen”, the usher’s and greeter’s, “Welcome”; the choir member’s, “Alleluia”; and the wedding assistant’s reassuring words, are all transforming words and by their own words they are, at once, transformed and transforming!


Adult Formation Resources:

Video Lectures & Presentations
Watch enlightening video lectures, like the new series The Gospel in Art, presented to you by Adult Formation.
Order Your Bible
“He opened their minds to understand the Scriptures” (Lk 24:45).
AF_Featured-LightHouseLighthouse Catholic Media Kiosk
CDs, DVDs, Books and Booklets from some of your favorite authors.
Stream hundreds of hours of inspiring media presentations from the Church’s most compelling authors!
af_lectures-audio-thumbnailLectures and Audio
Audio recordings of previous lectures by: Fr. Chuck Talar, Mark McNeil, and a special presentation by Fr. Patrice Chocholoski.



To learn more about our current programs and activities, please refer to the Sunday Bulletin, and our events calendar for details and updates.

We look forward to having you join us and appreciate your support!