Youth Confirmation

Your Confirmation Journey Begins Here.
Be Sealed with the Gifts
of the Holy Spirit.
Understanding, Knowledge, Fortitude, Wisdom, Counsel, Piety, Fear of the Lord.
Start your preparation as a sophomore,
be confirmed as a junior.
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Your Confirmation Journey Begins Here.

We are making big changes! Get ready for life-changing sessions, a condensed schedule, and the opportunity to start your Confirmation journey your sophomore year, beginning with the sophomore class of the fall of 2025.

  • Teens will be able to start their Confirmation preparation in their SOPHOMORE year (rather than their junior year).
  • Teens will receive the Sacrament of Confirmation in the middle of their junior year (rather than the end of their junior year).
  • Sessions will be condensed to more impactful sessions once a month/quarter.
  • In October of your teen’s sophomore year, eligible families will be invited to register for Confirmation Preparation.
  • Juniors 24-25 registration will open April 2024.
  • The registration link is not available for public access. You will be contacted personally to ensure a valid registration process.
  • Teens must complete one year of Faith Formation, either here at SJV, or at a Catholic School, and must reach an attendance rate of at least 70% during their freshman (9th) and sophomore (10th) year.
  • We received feedback from teens and families that junior year was the hardest and busiest year of high school, by moving the start date, we can make Confirmation more accessible, and provide more opportunities for teens to serve in the parish as leaders post-Confirmation!
  • There are none! Although there are ZERO service hours required for Confirmation preparation, we do require liturgical service throughout a teen’s Confirmation journey. 
  • We have found that most teens are already involved in some form of community service. We do not wish to double or triple the “number of hours required” for a teen to serve in a given year.
  • Teens will sign up for a liturgical service during the Mass they normally attend as Altar Servers, Choir Members, Greeters, or Children’s Liturgy Assistants. Any other parish or liturgical service must be approved by the Confirmation Coordinator, Matt Zelinsky.
  • Teens will serve liturgically 12 times in a calendar year (on average once a month) from January of their sophomore year to January of their junior year.
  • Catholic School Teens are encouraged to join Youth Groups and Faith Formation, regardless of their existing Catholic education. This is because Youth Group and Faith Formation are not just about education, but they are also about building a deeper relationship with God and a meaningful community with other teens from our parish. 
  • Although highly encouraged, Youth Group / Faith Formation attendance is not required for Catholic School teens.
  • Catholic School retreats do not fulfill the retreat requirement for Confirmation preparation, as Sacrament preparation is in the purview of the Parish by Archdioscean guidelines. 

Yes! Our Confirmation Retreat will be held September 27-29, 2024

Matt Zelinsky – Coordinator of High School Ministry and Youth Confirmation

Lee Clark – Associate Coordinator of Youth Ministry

  • Information Meeting August 25, 2024