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Become a Volunteer Leader

Opportunities include faith formation, youth ministry, children’s Liturgy of the Word, nursery, sacrament preparation, retreats, special events, substitutes, etc. We’re in need of volunteers to help the youth! Please consider giving back to the church and families through your support as a volunteer. You can also receive a discount on each child you enroll in faith formation. Once you’ve filled out the volunteer registration form below, someone from our team will be in touch for you to make the discounted payment of $50 per child.

As a Catholic parish, we must ensure that all children and teens are offered a setting that is at all times as safe and secure as possible. St John Vianney volunteers and staff members serving children and teens are required to take an online safe environment training. For more information, visit Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, Office of Child and Youth Protection.