• What is ACTS?
  • Adoration: The call by, acceptance of, and response to God.
  • Community: The love and caring of each other.
  • Theology: The study of God through scripture and the Catholic faith.
  • Service: To God and His people.

The ACTS Retreat is a parish wide weekend retreat patterned after the description of the early Church by the ACTS of the Apostles.

Members of the ACTS community strive to assist members of the parish family to attain a deeper relationship with the Lord and with fellow parishioners through Adoration (prayer life), Community (love and caring for each other), Theology (study of faith through scripture), and Service (to God and each other). To achieve this goal we sponsor three-day weekend lay retreats for men and three-day weekend lay retreats for Women which are patterned after the description of the early church in the Acts of the Apostles.

The ACTS Retreat for Men and the ACTS Retreat for Women can have a profound effect on your Christian life. It is an opportunity to meet with other men and women who are living their faith, with the aim of renewing and strengthening their enthusiasm for living a faith-filled life. Men and women on the ACTS Retreat will form bonds that will remain long after the retreat is over. The message from the retreat can help those participating further commit to their faith and inspire them to become more deeply involved in parish life and in serving the needs of their community.

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Please see below our upcoming ACTS retreats for the current year. If you’d like to be added to a waitlist, or for information regarding upcoming retreats, please contact Joe Gibbons at

Upcoming Retreats

Please watch the short video below to learn more about an ACTS retreat: