Another Fruitful Trip to Eagle Pass

A group of seven SJV parishioners traveled to Eagle Pass, TX last week after having to cancel the two Mission Trips that had been programmed for March and April.  They worked at the home of Mrs. Ramirez, a widow with four adult children.  Only one of them currently lives with Mrs. Ramirez.
Mrs. Ramirez began construction on her home about two years ago, but she ran out of funds before it was completed.  She and her son, Sergio, have been living in that home without any electricity. 

The Mission Team intended to address the issues with the home that would cause it to deteriorate, namely a vapor barrier, siding, caulking, and painting.  They arranged for running electricity to the house two weeks before the trip. In three days, the Mission Team, Sergio and a few local helpers hooked up a new water heater and washer, installed water piping and piping discharge lines, completed a new vapor barrier, installed, caulked and painted exterior siding and trim, and installed new outdoor front lamps.

We thank our Mission Team members for their commitment, their hard work and their generosity! 

To view additional pictures from the Mission Trip, visit our Facebook page.

To shelter the homeless is as Corporal Work of Mercy.