First Reconciliations

We will have 240 sacrament preparation students celebrating their
First Reconciliation from January 11 thru February 29.

All Catholics are encouraged to make a frequent and regular confession. Here at St. John Vianney we are blessed to offer the sacrament three times every weekend Saturdays at 10:00 am and 4:00 pm. From January through the end of February we have confession times on Saturday morning for the 240 children preparing for their First Holy Communion.  If you come during the morning confession period and there are a number of children there, please allow them to go first and remember to thank God for them and their families. Our parish is blessed with so many wonderful parishioners, nearly 15,000.  We are not quite as blessed with the number of priests.  We only have 2 assigned priests and one priest in residence who volunteers his own free time and without compensation to help us as his schedule permits.
Please remember patience, understanding and to pray for more priestly vocations.