Meaningful Fun at Home with VBS

Special thanks to our dedicated staff and volunteers who participated in the making of our first ever online VBS! It was truly a joy and a privilege to have the opportunity of sharing the love of Jesus with our children and families at home!

Below are some of the comments we have received from families:

Thank you team for a very successful VBS. The Poole family really enjoyed the family time and the lessons. The kids that participated were in 1st, 3rd, and 6th (as a helper). The 1st grader loved the music and motions, the characters,  the imagination station and was asking for VBS by Day 2!! The 3rd grader enjoyed the music and was singing the songs even after VBS. He enjoyed the imagination station and the skits. The 6th grader enjoyed the music, and the lessons were very applicable to her next stage in life. The messages were concise but very impactful. Thank you for your hard work, your creative weaving the beauty of the Catholic faith into a nondenominational presentation, and the silliness, they loved the failures, it made everything more relatable.

~Ellyn Poole

Jonathan said that VBS was the best week he had in all of quarantine, and most of all, he is absolutely happy with the way things turned out, even if it was online. Yes he would have loved it more in person, but he says that things happen for a reason! Jonathan not only enjoyed VBS, but his love for Jesus grew! The Rocky Railway songs are his favorite and he knows lyric by lyric! He listens to them every day and sings them with pure joy! Thank you all so much for making this virtual VBS happen for my little one.

~Natalia Espinosa

Really enjoying all the videos in between online school!  Thanks ladies for all your efforts!

~Danielle Pilkinton