The Cana Experience

The Cana Experience is a Catholic program specifically designed for parents of young children, to help them live their vocation to marriage and parenthood in all its fullness.

The family is the heart of our society. This is where God has made known his presence in the most unique and unrepeatable way. The Cana Experience can help equip you with practical tools that will enable you to become a champion for your family.

You will develop understanding and strategies which have the potential to positively impact your marriage, your children, and even your life at work in a small group setting.

You love your family. They are worth this investment of your time. The Cana Experience can help you reach the great heights God has planned for you.

Program for Mothers of Young Children Beginning this Fall!

The Cana Experience helps moms grow in their awareness of being a daughter of God, while discovering ways to guide them in their parenting decisions. Making purposeful resolutions to grow closer to God, their husbands, and children while meeting with other moms who want the same things transforms their entire lives.

Registration is now open for mothers of young children beginning Year 1 “Created to Believe: Called to Motherhood” of The Cana Experience.

For more information, contact Jaclyn Scarborough or visit the Cana Experience Website to register.