Service Mission to Eagle Pass, Texas

St. John Vianney Parishioners who go on Mission Trips to Eagle Pass are fulfilling a mandate from Jesus himself: “As the Father has sent me, so I send you”. (John 20:21) The Mission trips focus on ways to reach out and help those in need. Those who go represent the whole parish of St. John Vianney. Therefore, the Parish is on Mission.

The Mission House in Eagle Pass, which is a Benedictine House, run by Sisters Ursula Herrera and Germaine Marie, is the center where the group gathers as a community, for meals, the “Breaking of the Bread” and prayers. The House can accommodate over twenty-five people both men and women.

Sister Ursula meets a few parishioners beforehand to schedule the trip and evaluate the needs of various individuals and decide how we can help. The focus is on home repairs for the elderly and handicapped poor, visiting homes of the poor and shut-ins, community outreach and evangelization, and mission spirituality. Parish mission trips are scheduled in Spring (March) and Fall (October) each year. There are jobs for all ages and skill levels.

SJV has recently participated in two Home Repair Missions to Eagle Pass, Texas:

  • Wednesday, October 28th-Sunday, November 1st
  • Wednesday, November 4th-Sunday, November 8th

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