Now is the Time!

Now is the time! The time for us to praise God! The time to come together!  The time for us to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ to all!  Now is the time.

In reality, it is always the time for these things.  However, after the last year and a half, the time is now more than ever!  More than a few people have come to me in the last few months suffering from problems that began to show up during the pandemic.  The challenges varied from emotional to spiritual, and others were marital or relational.  The problems came with a variety of presenting symptoms of depression, doubt, substance abuse – drugs or alcohol, anxiety, sexual impurity – promiscuity, self-gratification, addiction to pornography, rage and anger, irresponsible spending, binge shopping and phobias of every type.  These are just a sample of things people are dealing with in addition to caring for people who have been ill and those who have died.  The last year and a half has not been an easy time for anyone.  If people had some small issues before COVID, those issues have only gotten much worse.  What may have been small fissures in January 2020 are huge canyons today.  As we are coming out of the pandemic, there is also an emotional/spiritual thawing and people are feeling the pain for the first time or in a more intense way.

Our response to the trauma we have experienced on so many levels – the social, political, economic, racial, and institutional pain and discord, has in many instances only made matters worse.  Riots, protests, cancel culture, name calling, shaming, etc. did nothing good.  The obvious solution is the Lord and His love for us.  Now is the time for all of us to turn back to God in a renewed spirit and with a sincere desire to love Him more and more with all our hearts.  Now is the time for us to forgive, let go of past hurts and seek God’s healing and redemptive grace in our lives.  Now is the time for us to rededicate ourselves to prayer.  Now is the time for us to reach out in love to others and to care for one another in Christian charity.  Now is the time to allow the joy of the gospel and the joy of our Catholic Faith to shine forth in our words and actions.  As we emerge from this very trying time, we can enter a new normal and not just attempt to retrieve the old.  We can have a better relationship with God and our spouse, our kids and parents, our neighbors and friends.  We can begin to live a life free from addiction and anger, self-absorption and conflict, doubt and accusation.  All we need to do is turn to God and once again allow him to reign in our lives and in our hearts.

How can we do this?  It is not complicated but it will take effort and desire.  We must want God and His healing.  We have to want to live not according to our plans and wants but according to God’s plan for us.  Begin by praying every day.  Tell God what is in your heart. Thank Him for the blessings He is showering upon you each day. Tell the Lord how much you love Him.  Ask God for enlightenment in knowing what to do and for the courage and strength to do what is right.  Pick up your bible and pray a psalm.  Pick a few psalms that express what you want to say – there are psalms of praise, sorrow, petition, and thanks.  Allow the words of the psalm to be your words to God.  If you are already praying once or twice a day, pray three or four times a day.  It does not have to be an hour at first, just three or four minutes will do.  Then, gradually increase and deepen your prayer.  There are 168 hours in a week, aim to give God one hour as a holy hour outside of weekly Mass. Make a visit to the Adoration Chapel, pray your rosary, pray with your spouse.

Now is the time! The time for us to praise God! The time for us to come together!  The time for us to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ to all!  Now is the time.

In pace Christi,
Fr. Troy