Parish Census

Welcome to Census 2022! A lot has changed at St. John Vianney in the last few years’ time from Harvey to construction to a global pandemic. We have many new faces while some old faces have moved on. Through this effort, we hope to survey the parish to identify the state of our community in 2022 to better serve you, hear your feedback, and connect with your households. We need the participation of all households associated with our parish, including those who have previously been registered!

Five minutes is all it takes to fill out the online census. This form will make it quick and easy for you to provide us with the most accurate information about you and your household. The Census allows you to input individual household member information that will allow us to tailor our outreach to each person’s particular needs. All information gathered is strictly for church use and is not for distribution or sale to third parties.

If you have questions about Census 2022 or need assistance, please contact Garrett Richards. Thank you for being a part of our community and helping us to better serve you!


Why is the parish taking a census? 

This is long overdue.  We’re diligently updating our records so that we can better serve you and communicate with you.

What questions will I be asked?

You will be asked for information about who is in your family and the best contact information to reach you. 

How long is the census? 

Short, only family and contact information.  It takes no more than five minutes to complete.

Who needs to participate in the census?

Everyone.  Even if you think we have all your contact information, we still want to hear from you as we gather information and learn more about our parish community. 

How do I participate? 

Click HERE to complete the census online.  It’s quick and easy!  You will also receive an email from the parish with instructions.

Not registered?  Please complete the Parish Registration Form HERE.  

Thank you for assisting us to update our records. 

Did you receive an email, mail or phone call from St. John Vianney but are no longer a parishioner?  Please contact Garrett Richards and you shall be removed.