Volunteers Needed Again this Saturday

Calling all volunteers!

Once again this Saturday we are in need of volunteers (17 yrs. and older) to help out our fellow parishioners and neighbors who have experienced damage from the flooding.
Please meet at St. John Vianney on the Basketball Court of the Activity Center this Saturday, September 23 at 8:00 a.m. We’ll check-in, complete waivers and divide up into teams. Each team will be assigned to a home that is need.
Although we have some tools & supplies, if you have any of the following, please bring them: hammers, crowbars, demolition blades, wheelbarrows, shovels and protective gear (breathing mask, eye protection, gloves).
Make sure you wear old clothing; we suggest long sleeve shirts and pants.
We’ll supply the water and nourishment.

A note from Father Troy:

Dear Friends in Christ:
You may have already received a request asking for volunteers to assist in our recovery efforts this weekend. Our fellow parishioners desperately need our help and they need it now. I ask that if you are able, that you please help us help our neighbors in this great time of need. Invite your friends from work or from school or from other parishes to join us. I cannot describe how much your help is needed and what a difference it will make to those who have suffered so much. This is truly God’s work and He is calling each of us to serve and be his instruments of care and love.
Thank you for your faith, love and devotion and response to this urgent request.
Fr. Troy