Frequently Asked Questions

Are we on schedule?

We are slightly ahead of schedule on the exterior and behind on the interior and exterior.

The two main reasons for the delays are:

  1. The difficulty in getting labor and materials
  2. Like any remodeling project, we have discovered problems in the existing conditions that have to be addressed and remedied. Some of these were code issues that have changed since the buildings were originally constructed but now must be addressed.
  3. Waiting for inspections during construction can delay the schedule.

What is happening now?

The parking lot and utility infrastructure (storm drains, drainage pipes, electrical conduit) is continuing. We have completed the first of three phases in the parking. The demolition in the church is complete and construction is now taking place. Work in the Adoration Chapel and Chapel, the courtyard, bell tower and narthex is underway.

How long will the north entrance be closed?

For several months. We will actually finish the interior and the parking before the exterior.

Will the south entrance be closed too?

Eventually, yes. This to build the new shrine to Saint John Vianney and the portico and new entrances into the new sacristy and women’s restrooms.

What is the next phase?

The first marble shipment for the floor is expected to arrive in the next few weeks to be installed in the Chapel and Adoration Chapel. The next shipment should be the sanctuary for the Church. Work is beginning on the dome as well.

When will the interior work be completed?

Most of the interior work (except for the narthex) should be done by late summer early fall. As we can, we will re-open the Adoration Chapel and Chapel for liturgies once those areas are completed.

When will the new organ be installed?

The organ will be the last thing installed. Because of the delicate nature of the instrument everything else needs to be in place. Our time frame is currently October-November.

Are we still facing challenges in obtaining building materials and labor?

Yes, very much so. The building and construction market in the Houston area is still very tight.

Are we on budget?

The short answer is no. There was an excessive escalation in building costs throughout the Houston area in 2015. The difficulty in finding labor and materials affected area projects. Many projects were scaled back or cancelled.

So how are paying for these extra costs?

Fortunately, we have had funds set aside in savings for capital renewal projects. Many of the elements of our project fall under this area. Even if we were not having this major project we would have to take care of these repairs anyway.

Is it too late to give?

Absolutely not! And there are still memorial opportunities available.

What is the most important part of this project?

Giving thanks to God for 50 wonderful years as a parish! This project is not just about buildings and art, it is our expression of gratitude to God for the multitude of blessings we have received during our first half century of existence as a parish.

Deo Optimo Maximo
To God, the Best, the Greatest