Mission & Vision

“They devoted themselves to the teaching of the apostles and to the communal life, to the breaking of the bread and to the prayers.” Acts 2:42

As disciples of Jesus, we all share in this same mission. But how do we at St. John Vianney, put it into practice? In our personal lives, professional lives, at home, work, school or church, we strive to be a community of Living Faith, Changing Lives, and Making a Difference.

Living Faith

We have to live our Catholic Faith concretely in our specific actions and choices, but our Catholic Faith has also to be alive within us (…) A living faith is part of everything that we do and informs and forms everything that we do and every choice we make. The way we love God, love our families and love one another is by living our faith each, week after week, year after year  (…) As Catholics, we want our faith to be real and have real consequences, namely we want lives to be changed (…) We want to become better people, happier people, and holier people!

Changing Lives

We want what Jesus wants, souls on fire in love with God. This changes how we spend our time, raise our kids, treat our spouses, spend our money, do our jobs. It is not a onetime change either  (…) It does not extend only to ourselves (…) We want others to know God’s love for them. We want others to experience the joy and beauty of the truth of the Catholic Faith (…) It means saying “yes” to the good and the true, but not necessarily the easy or the popular (…) means that we want God to help us change and live according to His will for us for we know that His will is our ultimate happiness.

Making a Difference

The difference that the Lord wants us to make in the world is to make it more “human and more holy”. God wants us to help each other to be the best persons we can be (…) Making a difference is when a neighbor or a co-worker asks us for help or for prayers because they know that we care because of how we live our Catholic Faith.

To learn more about our parish vision, Living Faith, Changing Lives, and Making a Difference, read the complete text of Fr. Troy’s bulletin letters addressing the vision.