Your Participation is Needed!

Dear Friends in Christ:

As you have read in the bulletin, heard in church and received information in the mail, the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston is in the midst of the IGNITE Capital Campaign to raise $150 million in needed funds to address current and future needs of our archdiocese. This effort initiated by Cardinal DiNardo was planned and actually begun prior to Hurricane Harvey. But with the hurricane and floods, the campaign was suspended and the priorities of the campaign were realigned. As we all know, many of our archdiocesan parishes, like so many people in our area suffered greatly from Hurricane Harvey. What most people don’t realize is that the damages to church facilities in the archdiocese was in excess of $30 Million of which only $10 Million was covered by insurance. Part of the proceeds from this campaign ($40 M) are designated to help cover the losses and to establish a fund to help be prepared for future disasters. Another aspect of the campaign is to build up our endowment for our Catholics schools. The proceeds from the endowment will give needed tuition assistance to many students who otherwise could not afford to receive a Catholic school education. There are other elements of the IGNITE Campaign including funds for faith formation development for parish leaders and St. Mary’s Seminary. The largest portion of the campaign is for parish needs ($50 M). One third of all monies collected will be returned to the parishes for the needs of each parish.
Our goal at St. John Vianney is $4.3 Million. Of that, one third or $1.4 M will be returned to the parish to address some of our parish needs. The funds that we collect will be directed to re-furbishing the Activity Center and Youth Lounge, re-modeling the Library Den and the Music Lecture Hall and re-surfacing the south parking lot. $4.3 Million is A LOT OF MONEY! But this goal is very achievable IF ALL OF US DO OUR PART. I AM ASKING EVERYONE TO JOIN ME IN MAKING A PLEDGE TO THE CAMPAIGN. Our financial pledge is an expression of commitment and love for our archdiocese. A $4,000 pledge over four year is only $2.74 per day.


Our bishop has called on us and is asking for our help in supporting the needs of our archdiocese beyond our regular support of our parish and the DSF. Please respond in faith and love. The sacrifice we make will help many others today and in the years to come. As with all of our giving, the Lord does not ask equal gifts but rather an equal sacrifice from the many gifts and blessings we have received. While it would be wonderful if we reach the goal, what is most important is the level of participation. Even if your situation is such that you cannot give a lot, I ask that you please give something. Your participation, prayers and support for our archdiocese are what are most important.
Few pastors cherish asking for money. I assure you it is not easy to stand up and ask people to give their hard earned money, but it is necessary and important. I always know that when I have to stand up and ask for money, it is never for me but for the good of others. As a pastor, I know that every dollar we spend is a dollar that was sacrificially given to continue the Church’s mission. Our mission is more important than money, but we cannot fulfill our mission without necessary and adequate funding. Money provides for the Church’s mission just as money provides the good and necessary things for our families and homes. Good people can have sincere and honest questions about church finances, but there can be no doubt or question that financial stewardship is part of our Christian discipleship.

Thank you for your support of this appeal and for your continued love and support of our archdiocese and parish!