An Update from Fr. Troy

Dear Friends in Christ,

Oh! What a world we live in! I do hope and pray that you and your loved ones are handling this situation which is impacting our community, nation and world with calmness and steadfast faith. Our parish staff, who already misses you greatly, are doing a lot to try and stay in contact with you. Look at our Facebook pages, our parish website and the other social media offerings from the various departments and ministries. On our parish website, you will find a number of resources to assist you in dealing and coping with the situation in which we now find ourselves. The postings will change from time to time with new ones being added. As I have mentioned previously, what is needed most at this time is prayer!

Our first and foremost concern is for you. We are working diligently to create effective and meaningful ways to keep things going during this very uncertain and confusing situation. At times like this, everyone wants to help but in reality what we have to do is wait in patience, hope and faith. To help us pray in the absence of Sunday Mass, you will find on our website a Liturgy of the Word that can be prayed at home by you and your family at your regular Mass time or any time. We are also posting a reflection on the readings by Fr. Richard. These can be found on our website. You may pray this Liturgy of the Word together as a family or may wish to pray a family rosary or the Liturgy of the Hours. When I travel, I use i-breviary. It is really easy, or you may want to do it all. There is never too much prayer! We will have other postings as well. We will have the Stations of the Cross and other helpful devotions and links to masses that are streamed. Another good source for Catholic devotions, information and entertainment is EWTN. If you do not have cable, you can find it online. We also have Formed for streaming Catholic content. In my bulletin letter you will find a prayer for a Spiritual Communion. This is prayer for when it is impossible to receive the Eucharist. I strongly encourage you to make a Spiritual Communion each day. Frs. Richard, Chuck and I are still able to offer a private mass each day. Unfortunately, these cannot be public masses. Please be assured as we offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass that you are in our hearts and prayers. Know that we are praying for you and your families every day and that is something we do every day even when there is no Coronavirus!

One of the big things that people are having to deal with, either for themselves or others, is how to cope and deal with fear and anxiety of the unknown. I will be addressing that as we go along, but it is important for all of to remember that everything is going to be OK. God is still good and His mercy endures forever. In the meantime, please keep praying and stay close to the Lord. The church and chapel are open for prayer every day from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and the Adoration Chapel is open 24/7. Remember to wash your hands frequently and keep “Social Distance” but not “Spiritual Distance”!

On a more mundane note. Some of you may be wondering how the parishes are going to make it financially through this crisis when there are no public masses and no collections. Every pastor is wondering the very same thing! Quite frankly, there is no way without you! Shutting down all of our public liturgies and activities did not shut down our bills! We are still 100% dependent upon you and your regular, faithful stewardship. This is truer now than ever before! For details please consult our parish website, Facebook, and the weekly bulletin.

During this time, stay strong in faith and ardent in prayer! Reach out to one another in Christian love. Put your trust in the Lord and know that He is always with you!

Mary, Our Mother and Our Queen. Pray for us!
St. John Vianney, holy cure’ of Ars, patron of our parish. Pray for us!